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What Pops Up Must Pop Down

Summing up what the past 6.5 months have been for G&B would be an impossible task. Sqirl transformed itself from LA’s tiniest (and most remarkable!) jam factory to LA’s tiniest (and most remarkable!) cafe and allowed us to hang on for the ride. The ride has been amazing - it has given us roots in the community and an understanding of the kinds of things we want to be able to do and make for our customers. It has also exposed us to the incomparable brilliance of Jessica, Ria and the rest of the SQIRL crew.

When G&B finally leaves Sqirl next month, we will have hung around 2.5 months longer than we originally expected, simply because it felt too important and like too much fun to leave so soon. Now that the cafe is officially in full swing, its time for us to make good on our plans and move on to the next, permanent location.

That location will be in Downtown Los Angeles’ Grand Central Market, and the date will be the 27th of May. We are thrilled to become a part of this next phase for the beautiful Grand Central Market, and finally make good on our dreams of a bustling sidewalk coffeebar.

We’ll continue to serve coffee (and consume inhuman quantities of R2’s) at SQIRL through May 12th. We can’t wait to serve you.

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