G&B Coffee

Introducing : Go Get Em Tiger

When we began G&B almost a year ago, we knew there were two distinct concepts we wanted to pursue - the reserved and elegant G&B Coffee and another brand with so much energy it bursts at the seams. Today, after dodging this question for months, we proudly give you Go Get Em Tiger, which is opening really, really soon at 230 N Larchmont Blvd.

We look forward to serving you there. Here’s the web site

Our first weekend of service is now in the books! Thank you to everyone who came out to say hello and to welcome us into our permanent existence at Grand Central Market.

The hardest part of saying goodbye to the Sqirl pop-up was losing the daily interaction with all the lovely regular customers we got to know over those seven months. The role of a barista is, at its simplest, the deliverer of a daily fix or, at its most sublime, a small but integral part of a person’s day-to-day life. To carry out those tasks, and everything in between, is a real honor.

Opening up the gate on that first day at Grand Central Market meant that we get to begin building a new fabric of customers and experiences. Seeing so many familiar faces in the first days made for a great start. Seeing so many unfamiliar ones, folks who live and work downtown and love great coffee, is incredibly exciting. Over the next few weeks and months, we will get to know many new people and serve a lot of tasty drinks. These are exciting times. We couldn’t be happier to be back behind the bar, slinging brews.

Starting tomorrow, we are open from 7am to 6pm each and every day. Come by and say hi!


A Little Update on Grand Central Market

Hi Guys -

Last we spoke about it, we offered a May 27th opening date for our new location on the Hill St. side of Grand Central Market.

Turns out, once we took possession of the space we quickly realized we had a bit more work we would have to do before we could serve to the public.

We are pushing back our opening date - though it shouldn’t be more than a few days, so keep your eyes on this space.

And for photographic evidence of our progress, check in with us on Instagram : gandbcoffee

We’ll see you very soon! Love, G&B

Qualified Applicants

Late last week we posted a call to anyone interested in working at our two upcoming coffee bars to apply. Since then, we’ve received emails and resumes but we’ve also gotten a fair share of questions about what sort of applicants we are looking for. One of the most common queries is whether applicants need to have previous experience working in top tier coffee shops. 

The question gets down to one of the trickier things about hiring in specialty coffee. Job postings for fancy coffee shops will net some lovely applicants who are experienced in things like manual brew methods, cupping and latte art but it is always surprising how many incredibly qualified people hold back because they don’t feel their CV passes muster. 

It’s true that being a barista involves knowledge of coffee and precision in preparing it but those skills are not a prerequisite to working with us at G&B. Applicants will absolutely need the interest in coffee and service necessary to eventually develop all the skills lauded in our industry. 

Mostly, though, the skills necessary to be a great barista involve waking up at an ungodly hour, day in and day out, and serving a community of customers and coworkers with kindness and hard work. A willingness to do that work - and the temperament needed to actually love doing it - are prerequisites. They are also the foundation of what G&B will one day be. So, even if someone has never worked in a coffee shop, or has only toiled at chain stores, they might be perfectly qualified to work with us. We look forward to hearing from them.


G&B Coffee is looking to add members to our team.

In the next month, G&B will expand its reach from a tiny pop-up in Virgil Village to two new coffeebars. 

We are looking to add staff for both locations. Qualified applicants possess a sincere and earnest interest in coffee that is only exceeded by a desire to serve other people.

Working a coffeebar is not glamorous, and an ideal candidate has a realistic understanding of all of the factors - not just quality control - involved in making a retail coffee operation hum.

Please send your resume and a cover letter to gandbcoffee (a) gmail (dot) com. Thank you!

What Pops Up Must Pop Down

Summing up what the past 6.5 months have been for G&B would be an impossible task. Sqirl transformed itself from LA’s tiniest (and most remarkable!) jam factory to LA’s tiniest (and most remarkable!) cafe and allowed us to hang on for the ride. The ride has been amazing - it has given us roots in the community and an understanding of the kinds of things we want to be able to do and make for our customers. It has also exposed us to the incomparable brilliance of Jessica, Ria and the rest of the SQIRL crew.

When G&B finally leaves Sqirl next month, we will have hung around 2.5 months longer than we originally expected, simply because it felt too important and like too much fun to leave so soon. Now that the cafe is officially in full swing, its time for us to make good on our plans and move on to the next, permanent location.

That location will be in Downtown Los Angeles’ Grand Central Market, and the date will be the 27th of May. We are thrilled to become a part of this next phase for the beautiful Grand Central Market, and finally make good on our dreams of a bustling sidewalk coffeebar.

We’ll continue to serve coffee (and consume inhuman quantities of R2’s) at SQIRL through May 12th. We can’t wait to serve you.